FFC Updates


Welcome to the beta site for a new mode of play in Armagetron Advanced called Fortress Flag Capture. This hybrid offshoot combines traditional Capture the Flag scoring and rules with Fortress/Sumo physics.This experimental hybrid is a 4 v 4 game with two teams bearing each with a base and a flag inside the base. There is a different dynamic for playing the game with less than full teams.

0 v 1 you can pass time running the flag from the bot (use rim walls for speed) try to score 50 pts before Death Zone appears.
1 v 1 Stalemate!  Get to know your opponent! Do they prefer a tight fort def or like to sumo the def (more fun)
2 v 1 the team with one just plays a tight def, very challenging for the team with 2 to gank
2 v 2 this is where each has an established def and the attackers are going for flag points
3 v 2 a very interesting ratio for multiple strategies starts to open up here especially with double defs
3 v 3 an organized team can do some sophisticated flag runs and rack up the points
4 v 4 sweeping, blocking and three player ganking can decidedly end rounds

Fortress Flag Capture is Ready! and 3 servers are up!!! (TY Comp!)
1 part Fort Cafe, 1 part Team Sumo, & 1 part CTF

The Basics

• The physics are Sumo/Fort. 

• The teams are 4 v 4 (like CTF)

• The strategy is to circle the base and protect the flag in the middle. 

• Mates can spawn each other from their home base.

• If the enemy Flag is captured and returned to the home base they will get 4 points

• Conquering the enemy base yields 10 points and wins round.

• Core dumping opponents are 2 points.

• Matches are Limited to 5 rounds (CTF 4?) (Fortress 10)

• Score to Win is 50

• The rimwalls have zoom boost similar to CTWF maps

• A Death Zone will appear after 180 - the same as CTF


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